Teeccino Root Beer Float

  • Category: Iced drinks

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Servings: 1

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Here’s how to make a healthy Root Beer float that takes away the guilt of indulgence. Prebiotic Teeccino plus prebiotic Olipop Classic Root Beer Sparkling Tonic give a boost of support to your probiotics for healthy digestion. Add a scoop of our favorite extra creamy Vanilla ice cream from McConnell’s and you’ll be in Root Beer Float heaven!



  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate sprinkles

Teeccino Cordyceps Schisandra

Cordyceps, the Himalaya’s rare mushroom touted for improving stamina, libido and longevity, is paired with schisandra, the five-flavored berry with tonic, revitalizing properties. Blended with prebiotic chicory and Vietnamese cinnamon, experience bold, spicy flavor with adaptogens protecting your mind and body! Discover 6 delicious Teeccino Mushroom Adaptogen blends that optimally pair health-promoting mushrooms with adaptogenic herbs to enhance their combined wellness benefits!

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Prep Time: 5 minutes Calories per serving: 340

  1. Fill a large glass with 2 scoops of McConnell's Vanilla Bean ice cream
  2. Pour chilled Teeccino over the top of the ice cream to 2/3 full. (Make
    iced Teeccino by brewing 2 cups water per 2 Tbsp Teeccino in a French
    Press or any kind of coffee maker and chill in the refrigerator)
  3. Fill the cup with Olipop's Classic Root Beer
  4. Top with whipped cream & chocolate sprinkles