A terrific product

I've been enjoying Teeccino for at least a year now. I tried it as an alternative to my daily coffee fix and I have to say I really don't miss the caffeine at all. In the beginning, I put just a little coffee in with the Teeccino because I was sure it wouldn't taste as good without it. Well, I was quite surprised when I finally got the courage to try it without the added coffee and found it to be excellent! Rich, full-bodied and very satisfying!! My local grocery store, which usually carries it, hasn't had it in for 2 weeks and I've called the store twice and talked to different people to find out what's up. I am waking up every morning now without my Teeccino and it just isn't the same! I even went back to having some coffee and I didn't care for the taste at all. I don't think the store really knows what a great product it is. They have it in the 'health food' section on the bottom shelf where you really have to look for it. I'm going to let them know that it is a terrific product and that they should really carry it and have it right up there with all the other coffees in the coffee section where people can see it and try it out.

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