Addicted to Teeccino and it's really good for me!

I have an autoimmune disease and my doctor told me a had to quit coffee, caffeinated tea, etc. I had such bad migraines for the first 2 weeks I missed 3 days at work. Even after the migraines stopped I still craved coffee like crazy. I started looking for an alternative and decided to try the sampler pack to see if I find something I would like. I don't use sugar and most products taste nasty without any sugar added but not Teeccino. My favorites were: Almond Amaretto, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Raspberry and Vanilla Nut. I get up early in the morning and honestly like the easy way out so I now use the Dandelion Vanilla Nut Tea Bag. It's fast, easy and nothing to clean up after. I absolutely love it & just like I was addicted to coffee before now I'm addicted to this one, except it's really good for me. The flavored ones I love when I have cravings for a candy, I'll make a cup and it totally does the trick :) Recently i also tried the Teechia Cereal and it's simply awesome! Full of flavor and goodness, keeps me full and satisfied for a long time. Thank you Teeccino for making good choices so much easier!

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