I am now a Teeccino convert.

My mother was English and we grew up drinking tea with milk and a bit of sugar. I did not ever drink coffee until I was in my early 40's. I drink English tea daily and only drink coffee on break at work (1/2 to one cup five days a week.) What I discovered was hot flashes due to the caffeine in the coffee. What I drank during the day affected me at night. One day my co-worker and I talked about giving up coffee as she had issues too. She asked if I wanted to try something called Teeccino as she was given some samples as a gift from her sister and had never tried it. She said it was caffeine free and alternative to coffee. So we shared a pot of Almond Amaretto Teeccino. Needless to say we take our afternoon break with Teeccino every day at work. It is delicious! Coffee lovers can have their coffee, I found something better. No regrets on leaving coffee behind. I am now a Teeccino convert. Thank you for a great product line.

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