Better skin and less cellulite when I gave up coffee

I was at Bhakti Fest and enjoyed a cup of Teecino there - dandelion caramel. I was delighted! I went back for a few more cups during my stay and bought two packages of this delicious stuff to bring back with me to Canada. This tea makes me feel alive, and does not cause the dizziness in my head that coffee does. I feel energized, but unlike coffee's effects, I do not get a 'down' after the caffeine 'buzz' has gone. There is no caffeine. I believe that caffeine is responsible for my cellulite, stretch marks and dry skin. As soon as I stopped drinking it, I had better skin and wonderful texture under my skin as well. After I finished the two packs of teecino, I went back to coffee and all of those symptoms returned. I purchased some more, stopped drinking coffee, and they went away. I dont have to deny myself the great taste and energetic feeling that coffee gives me, but I don't have to succumb to the devastating effects of caffeine either! I tried the sample pack and enjoyed so many different, delicious flavours. It is hard to make up my mind which one is better!! Thank you for this great product!

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