Calm for hyperactive thyroid

In 2013, my thyroid took me on a roller coaster ride in hyper-drive! Conventional MDs wanted to destroy my thyroid with radiation, but my science background alert went off and I resisted and persisted. I found a natural md and was guided through health protocols.

Caffeine was prohibited, and mornings were most difficult without coffee to help start my day, but then I discovered and researched teeccino and never went back to coffee. My health was restored within a year of detox and I am sure the components of teeccino such as the dandelion root contributed to that.

Coffee is probably an option for me now, but I love teeccino french roast and buy it by the 5lb bags - I want to avoid the potential mold of coffee and don't need the jittery feeling. Life is good with my teeccino mornings!

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