Everything I missed about coffee but no caffeine or acidity

I can't tell you how much I LOVE Teeccino! I was a longtime coffee lover. Several cups during the day, Iced coffee or lattes daily in the summer. It was something I really enjoyed. For medical reasons; I had to give up coffee due to the caffeine and acidity. I drank herbal teas which I like, but nothing came close to replacing my beloved coffee. I found Teeccino by doing a search fors caffeine free coffee substitutes; and found that it was available in two local stores! I tried it and it's wonderful! Everything I missed about coffee but no caffeine, no acidity and it's even got health benefits! I love it hot as well as iced. Hazelnut is my favorite. It's slightly sweet, rich and delicious! I'm a Teeccino convert and fan for life!

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