Finally, Coffee For A Celiac!

A little over 3 years ago, my life changed forever and I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. That first year of being diagnosed was filled with accidental "glutenings" and finding out what foods and drinks worked for me and what foods and drinks didn't work. In that first year I continued to have my daily morning cup of coffee and for that first year I still wasn't feeling good. I finally tried getting rid of coffee in my diet altogether and lo and behold, that was the culprit for a lot of my gut issues that remained. As life went on, I had accepted the fact that I would never drink coffee again or have that coffee flavor. It was a tough pill to swallow for sure. When it came to the fall and winter holidays, I kept finding myself desperately wanting that cup of hot coffee while I sat by the fireplace or as I ate some gluten free holiday dessert with my family. Finally, this past holiday season, I couldn't take it anymore. I thought to myself, "there has to be someone in this world that has figured out how to make the flavor of coffee without having the side effects of coffee!!" After much google searching I finally came across Teeccino. I couldn't believe it, someone actually did figure this whole thing out! And there were even certified gluten free options! My first purchase was the gluten free sampler. I eagerly awaited my order to be delivered. Finally, my order arrived and I tried one of the samples right away and in that moment I knew I would be a regular Teeccino customer. I used up all of my samples so fast and found my favorites quickly. My next purchase was to get the big bags of the caramel nut and the vanilla nut "coffees" (certified gluten free, of course) that even come in a coffee bag as grounds.
This holiday season was made even better because of Teeccino. After a couple years of sitting by and watching my family drink coffee with breakfast or with dessert during the holidays, I can FINALLY sit with my family and have my own cup of coffee and feel confident that I'll continue to feel good. Thank you, Teeccino!! :)

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