Giving up caffeine has given me life!

Teeccino Almond Amaretto Herbal Coffee and Teechia Blueberry Date cereal is the only perfect way to start my energy boosting day. This addiction is a gift to my healthy lifestyle. At 70-years-old, I continue to run marathons, work out with 30-year-olds, take horse back riding lessons and do not even feel my age. Giving up caffeine, acidic and chemical residue, for natural energy boosting nutrition, with energy coming from nutrition rather than stimulante, has given me life! The heart healthy potassium, soluble fiber, insulin supporting microfiber, aids digestion and elimination gives me endless energy and balanced body systems. I feel better than when in my 20s. Teeccino and Teechia is a way of life. No more rapid drop in blood sugar, cancor sores, low potassium, Love the taste and no longer crave sweets. It gives me the endurance, physical and mental strength to train and compete at a high intensity for 5K's to marathons winning my division. I still have the energy for volunteer work at horse shows, symphony in the schools, church and my 2 Shih Tzu boys. Thank you Carolyn MacDougall for helping me make each day a celebration!

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