Part of a Lyme Journey

Teeccino is part of my improved health. Earlier this year, my son and I were diagnosed with Lyme disease. It is congenital for my son and chronic for us both. It was obvious by the time I was diagnosed that things had to change. Coffee was hammering my adrenal and thyroid glands. The caffeine was like a criminal holding a gun to my adrenal and thyroid forcing them to work; they couldn't do it anymore by force. In addition the shock of coffee and its forms of stimulants were so much for my system that I would have crying meltdowns by midday. I had tried Teeccino in the past for gastritis and was swayed by those in my life who loved coffee to stop "playing around" and just drink the coffee. Boy were they wrong and I realize now that I did not stay true to myself and my health by being bullied. Spring this year I found a Doctor who explained the dangers of caffeine for my body and the damage of the additional sugars I ingested with my coffee drinks. With this new knowledge I embraced my sugar free life and was caffeine free with the recommendations on the Teeccino bag within one week. I have found that I love adding coconut milk (canned) and enjoy every flavor I try. It is also of important note that Teeccino's inulin has aided my gut health. I believe that this ingredient was integral to turning my gut health around and solving the major constipation I used to have. Teeccino has not cured my Lyme, but it is a major component in turning my health around. It is not a drink that is hurting my health. Additionally, I was fortunate to be supported by talking with a wonderful lady at Teeccino earlier this year. She called me personally in response to my voice mail. She explained each ingredient and was able to describe in detail how it was sourced. This doesn't happen with many companies; I know, I call companies to ensure the best ingredients enter my body. The Teeccino web site encourages me to invest in what is best for my body and to seek healthier options besides what the mainstream world will ingest. My heart and some of my hope for recovery lies in each cup of Teeccino I brew! Thank you Teeccino for being there for me in my journey. Best wishes for you!

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