I could have sworn it was coffee

I just started a diet to lose weight. I have to for my heart but also because I have not been feeling well with my stomach and have to make some modifications. I love the taste of coffee and can only drink one cup a day because of acid reflux. But now even that one cup makes my stomach seem as if it's on fire and my stomach gets very swollen as a result. I have been drinking tea but I really miss iced coffee and espresso!! I bought Teeccino at Stop and Shop on a whim because the bag smelled very compelling and I had nothing to lose except for $9. I was so surprised with the flavor (hazelnut) and the intensity that I could have sworn it was coffee with the exception that my stomach didn't scream after drinking it! It has helped me stay on the diet because it is lightly sweet and I don't feel I am missing sugar. In fact; it tases better than coffee or tea with stevia. I went back to Stop and Shop and cleared the shelves of their bags ( bought 5 more) because I was afraid I'd never find this product again. I happened on this web site today and I was floored that there were so many flavors available! My husband who is an avid coffee drinker may be in for a surprise when I serve him the french roast. He does not like flavored coffee. So I really can't wait to try more flavors but I think I have to wait until I am finished with the 5 bags of hazelnut first!

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