I snuck Teeccino into my husbands morning coffee...

My mother began raving about Teeccino a few months ago when I went to visit her. I didn't think much about it until when ordering some things she wanted online and thinking about what I could add to the package as a surprise gift, I decided to search for the tea/coffee product she had been telling me about. Then some weeks later while with some friends one began to lament how her doctor had told her to stop drinking coffee but how much she misses her morning coffee ritual. Well, guess what? I started to talk about the wonders of Teeccino! After that, I figured I'd better try it myself if I'm going to recommend it to others. :) About that time, I forgot to make coffee for my husband one morning and he complained of a headache. I'm more of a tea drinker and can take or leave coffee, but I didn't like the sound of that. I started researching more on the Teeccino website and developed an evil plan: to start slowly substituting my husband's morning coffee with Teeccino! Problem was, I couldn't decide on which flavor to buy... Enter Teeccino's 10 Flavor Sampler! It arrived speedily and thus began my husband and my love affair with Teeccino! Not only did I begin adding it to the morning coffee, but a cup of Teeccino has become our evening ritual. Needless to say I have since had to buy full size bags at our local Sprouts! I even shared sample sizes with my friends who also have loved it. So...what does one do with a Teeccino addiction?

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