I was experiencing so many symptoms associated with caffeine

Ecuador is known world wide for its bananas, robust roses, a growing chocolate market and its spectacular coffee. I live here and after almost a year of indulging in the organic and very fresh coffee of this rich country, I had a problem. Although the coffee from Ecuador is the only coffee I had ever had the pleasure of drinking that actually tasted the same way it smelled, I had to stop. I was experiencing aches and pains and various other symptoms associated with high caffeine intake and an overly acidic body. Sleep was elusive, even if I stopped drinking coffee by noon. The ability of my body to regulate my blood sugar was compromised. Mood swings, hypoglycemic hunger-shakes happened almost every day and sugar cravings won me over, in spite of my adherence to only using stevia to sweeten my coffee! In my desperate attempt to kick this fleetingly joyous habit, I remembered drinking Teeccino when I lived in the states. With nothing to lose, I ordered some and had it shipped all the way to South America. Well, I have to say that me and all my friends are loving it and I can't wait to try every flavor! I opted to quit drinking regular coffee cold turkey, and drank A LOT of Teeccino every time I had any cravings, and within a week I was craving Teeccino alone! I am thrilled to add this to my growing list of health-promoting habits. I am also thrilled that Teeccino is about the tastiest item on that list! Thank you!

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