I wish I had made the switch to Teeccino years ago!

I started drinking coffee in the morning at age 5. Over the next 5 decades, it was pretty much the only thing I ever wanted to drink. I'd down a hot coffee when it was 98F in the shade with humidity to match. Coffee didn't appear to affect me - never got the jitters, or insomnia, or upset stomach. But what I did suffer from was addiction. If I didn't have my fix at regular intervals, I'd get a headache, I couldn't function - my life simply came to a halt until I secured my next fix. I found that inconvenient to say the least. Last summer was the last straw for me. We had a couple power outages and couldn't make coffee. I decided I was tired of being so dependent on it, I was tired of scheduling my life around being at the right place at the right time for my next hit. I wanted to roll out of bed in the morning and do what I wanted to do, not immediately make a cup of coffee before I could function. I wanted to be out and on the go all day and not have to worry about findng decent coffee. I wanted to stay awake at night without having to drink a big mug after supper to keep me awake. It took me until November to really go through with dumping my beloved coffee because I was hesitant to endure the pain and suffering of withdrawal. But I finally decided enough was enough. Over the course of a week,I weaned myself off coffee and started using Teeccino. I was delighted to have zero withdrawal effects. Every two days I lessened my coffee dosage and replaced with Teeccino. Had I known it was going to be that easy, I would have dumped coffee years ago. My energy level has increased and I thought I already had a high energy level. But the biggest benefit of all is the freedom--the freedom to not be chained to the coffee pot or the coffee cafe.

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