My roommate and I are hooked on Teeccino

My roommate and I recently did a 21 day raw food cleanse which included giving up coffee. Prior to the cleanse the 1st thing I did in the morning was to make a pot of coffee which we both drank during the morning. I did not have the withdrawal symptoms that my roommate had in giving up coffee during the 21 days but missed the morning warm beverage. During the cleanse we were out of town and I saw Teeccino in a grocery store so thought I would give it a try. Bought the Mocha which we both really enjoyed. We have now tried several different flavors and are hooked on Teeccino. It was initially a bit of a challenge finding a local store that carried Teeccino but now have a local health food store that carries a few flavors. It amazes me that this product isn't as well known as I think it should be!

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