I'm on an acid-free diet

My first impression of Teeccino was that it was too good to be true. Three years ago I developed stomach ulcers and an esophageal motility disorder. Medication to suppress acid and an acid free diet healed the ulcers after a few months and then the doctor gave me a choice: stay on the medication forever and eat/drink what I wanted, or stop taking it and stay on an acid-free diet for the rest of my life. Drugs have side effects and I made the hard decision that it would be better to live without certain foods and beverages than to put a drug through my body every day. Over time I found a few herbal teas and fake instant coffee-like mixes that weren't bad and I learned to like them. They weren't real coffee or tea (which I loved so much) but they were better than plain water every morning! I am always looking for new or better herbal teas and last summer I discovered Teeccino. I found the tea bags first and couldn't wait to try them. One bag and I was hooked! Excited, I went back and bought the ground herbal coffee, dug my old coffeemaker out of storage and made a pot. HEAVEN! Too good to be true, right? I actually called the company to ask if there might be just a little caffeine in it (as there is in decaf coffees and teas). When the rep assured me there was indeed no caffeine I told her, You've got a customer for life!! And you do! THANKS Teeccino for giving me back part of life that I thought was gone forever: the pleasure of savoring a good, hot cup of coffee every morning!

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