Making the switch

My daughter and I were talking one morning (she's in PA., I'm in CA.) and she mentioned a drink she loved which helped her break the coffee habit, Teeccino Pecan Herbal coffee. I got online, found your website, and ordered a variety sampler. I fell hard for Almond Amaretto! I do blend in a little regular coffee, decreasing it a little at a time. My next order was a 5lb. bag of the Almond Amaretto (which isn't hurt at all with a wee nip of Amaretto liquor in my evening cup!), and I added the Blueberry Date cereal and a tea sampler to the order. So glad I did because the cereal is delicious, and the teas are so good. I told my daughter how much I liked the cereal, and now she's a fan also. A happy customer family coast to coast! At Christmas I wrapped boxes of the product to give as gifts to a few friends. Very well received and appreciated by all, so now there are a few new customers :)

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