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Blending Teeccino
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Blend it with coffee or make the switch

My husband and I love our wake up mornings with Java Teeccino. I blend mine with French Roast for a delightful brew. Jim has high blood pressure; so has totally switched from coffee to Teeccino. Now he loves it more than he ever appreciated coffee.

- Gail S.
For several years I have been blending regular coffee with Teeccino

For several years I have been blending regular coffee with Teeccino, 2 scoops regular & 2 scoops original. But within the last 6 months I started stopping at our local organic health food store, Ellwood Thompsons, on my way into work to pick up a salad for lunch. They have the best salad bar ready at 7:A.M. in the area (they also have a breakfast bar that is great too). In addition to all this greatness, ET has a coffee bar offering a verity of fresh brewed organic coffees and any type of creamer/sweetners that anyone would want or need. The kicker here is that if I bring in my 16oz. reusable travel mug my coffee is only .99 plus the 10th cup is on the house. How fantastically great is that!! Then one day my heart did a complete 360, haven't had one of those in over a dozen years, what's up with that? Then I read Felix from Orlando's testimonial, heart palitations! Haven't had thoughs since I have been blending regular coffee with Teeccino, OMG!! Between Felix and my heart's 360 I have made the next move to blending, 1 scoop regular to 3 scoops Teeccino. As I run out of regular, I will be moving to 100% Teeccino. Love your product, keep up the good work.

- Sherrine
I combine Teeccino with my regular coffee

I just love this new beverage. I use it along with my regular coffee and it just gives the coffee such a rich taste! This way I don't get too much caffeine and I also get all the wonderful benefits of the Teeccino:)

- Karen M.
I love Teeccino chicory coffee.

I love Teeccino chickory coffee. I blend it 50/50 with Decaf coffee. I will even blend in a bit of real coffee if I have some on hand. My brother sent me a couple bags of his favorite Portland, OR roast as a gift, so I am able to use it little at a time this way. It Teeccino was cheaper, I would skip the Decaf.

- Anonymous
Vanilla Nut is amazing

Vanilla Nut Teeccino is a major part of my morning routine. I mix it equally with regular coffee because I still need a little caffeine to get me started. But I have grown so accustomed to the taste of Teeccino in my coffee that I can't drink coffee alone anymore. Both my husband and I have been unemployed since Dec. 2008 and have cut back or eliminated all non-essential purchases. I just want you to know that we have deemed Teeccino an essential purchase (one of very few) that we are continuing to buy. Thank you for the opportunity to save 15% today. It really helps.

- Evelyn
Tastes amazing!

I picked up some teecino locally and I mix it half to three quarters with regular coffee. It tastes amazing (even though it takes a little bit to get used to). It eliminates the reflux I get from coffee and halves my caffeine intake. I am a customer for life!

- Anonymous