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Blending Teeccino
with Coffee

My husband couldn't even tell the difference.

My husband is from Sorrento, Italy and loves his expresso coffee in the morning. It remainds him of his home country. Without telling him I switched from totally acid dark roast coffee to a mixture of Teeccino and expresso dark roast. He loved it and couldn't tell the difference. Little by little I am adding more Teeccino in the expresso pot. I also love it in my cuppuccino. Actually it tastes even better than the old cuppuccino. Thanks for inventing it!! Ciao, Jill p.s. I forgot to tell you I use the Teeccino dark Maya Roast mixing it with the Expresso.

- Jill S.
No more tummy issues

I love this stuff so much. I hated giving up my coffee the flavor in the morning made my day but always felt terrible after I drank it. I now mix 3/4 this with 1/4 coffee and it's the best, no more tummy issue no more headaches and all day energy. I also sleep better.

- Anonymous
1 scoop of real coffee and 3 scoops of Teeccino

I purchased Teeccino the other day in hopes of weining my husband off of caffine from coffee. I didn't know what to expect in terms of flavor. So when I got home from work, I brewed a pot of Faux Joe! I put 1 scoop of real coffee and 3 scoops of Teeccino. I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED! It was mild, dark and delicious! WOW...this is my new drink. I also purchased the Teechia, and am eagerly awaiting the cereal!

- Tanya K.
Rich, delicious flavor

Teeccino...it is a wonderful, delicious beverage and good healthful benefits to boot:) I put it in my regular coffee to cut down on caffeine and it gives it a real rich flavor.

- Karen M.
No headaches when you mix your coffee with Teeccino

As a middle aged mother of two, I found myself in a total caffeine rut. I'd drink too much coffee in the morning and late morning then not sleep at night, causing a terrible cycle. I tried everything to get off coffee until I had teeccino. I followed the suggestions right on the bag - started mixing it with my coffee and within a week with NO HEADACHES I was off coffee, and I now prefer teeccino over coffee. I buy it in bulk directly from teeccino.com and I bought the single one-cup drip maker for when I travel. I sleep well and I'm eternally thankful.

- Alice H.
I weaned off of coffee with Teeccino

I was able to completely quit coffee by drinking Teeccino. I mostly drank the Java flavor as I felt it most closely resembled coffee. I started drinking it just for fun, but then started using it as a substitute for coffee. I was so worried about getting the caffeine headache if I didn't have enough caffeine in my system. So I started half coffee and half teeccino, then went to 1:3 then 1:4. I stayed at 1:4 for a long time, afraid to give it up entirely. Then finally went to just a wee bit of coffee (maybe a teaspoon) and the rest teeccino. Finally drinking just teeccino I never did get any headaches and I have no further cravings for coffee. And better yet, no reflux heartburn problems like I was having from the coffee. Thank you Teeccino!

- Sue G.