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Pregnancy & Teeccino

Safe to drink while pregnant and nursing

I really love your products. I can drink it while pregnant/nursing without concern on caffeine. It also doesn't upset my stomach like coffee, which has given me a lot of problems in the past. THANK YOU and YUM!

- Jennifer
Delicious and satisfying

I have been Teeccino fan since my first pregnancy in 2004. I was a caffeine addict and Teeccino products helped me quit coffee while I was pregnant. The habit of holding a hot cup of coffee in the morning can be satiated with a hot cup of Teeccino coffee alternatives. Teeccino is so aromatic, I don't even miss the caffeine/coffee. I'm glad I found Teeccino.

- Anonymous
I add ginger root, cardamon, and cinnamon to my Teeccino!

The first time I tried Teeccino I wanted to avoid caffeine during pregnancy--by mixing half Teeccino with my coffee, I was fully weaned in 2 weeks! After my son was born I began drinking coffee again thinking of Teeccino as only a weaning device. Now I want to be as healthy as I can and have rediscoverd Teeccino with gustatory joy! To enhance healthfulness and the already wondrous flavor, I sometimes mix in dried ginger root, cardamon, and cinnamon. I use the tea bags at work with result of an inspiring pick-me-up after 3. Teeccino has enhanced my health and spirit making the absence of caffeine negligible. I am eternally grateful to a company and person who care so much about the quality of their product. I spread the word when I can. Kudos!

- Lenore W.
Teeccino keeps me regular

I am so thankful for Teecino! These products have enabled me to completely cut out all caffeine. I first found this product 5 years or so ago and have been drinking it regularly since then. Because of your products I have been able to enjoy coffee during pregnancy and nursing 3 babies without worrying what is going into their bodies. I love the taste of Teeccino so much that I now prefer it to coffee anyday! I also appreciate that it helps keep me regular, which has been a problem for me pregnant or not for my entire life. As long as I drink Teeccino every morning I stay regular. I have tested this by not drinking my 2 cups in the morning and sure enough, things don't move like they should. Thank you for this superior product!

- Kari

I chose your product while my husband and I were trying get pregnant, and again while I was breast feeding and now again while I try to recover my thyroid. I'm so impressed with the taste, as I've tried another product that was just to much work to make.

- Anonymous
Coffee addict turned Teeccino lover

I'm a huge coffee lover and could easily drink an entire pot by myself. However when I'm pregnant I give up caffeine. With my first child I just went without coffee but desperately craved it. When I got pregnant again, I decided to see what I could do about those cravings. I found Teeccino! I love that I can still have my hot morning coffee or even an afternoon iced coffee. It looks and smells like the real thing. And although it doesn't taste exactly like a cup of Folgers it is really delicious. I had my baby girl in July and I'm still drinking Teeccino.

- Casey