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TeeChia Super Seed

My cholesterol has dropped dramatically

BOTH Teeccino and Teechia have become an important part of my Life Style change -- Meals, Exercise, Etc. Since I've been eating Teechia and Drinking Teeccino EVERY morning for Breakfast, and of course, watching what I eat the rest of the day, my Cholesterol has dramatically dropped from over 200, to the 150's, and my Energy level is Excellent! I am Hooked on BOTH items, My Food Cabinet is WELL stocked with both!

- Bill
I love this product!

I personally suffer from a metabolic disorder as well as severe gluten intolerance. I find myself skipping breakfast because I am limited with food choices and often find it too expensive to purchase separate bags of power foods to mix up in a cereal or shake. TeeChia's ingredient list is packed with all those super foods that I like and need and it tasted great! I was very pleased and highly recommend this for anyone! Thank you TeeChia!

- Thea O.
Satiety without feeling bloated

I love them and they are very delicious, filling and agreed with my system. I was satisfied. It is so nice to have something so nutrient and your hunger is satisfied without feeling bloated. I use almond milk and I will be looking for the nearest Health food store that carries them.

- Melissa C.
Keeps me energized all morning

I absolutely love TeeChia because not only does it have great flavor, but I love that it keeps me energized and full through the morning. I have it for breakfast everyday because it is easy to make and tastes so good. It keeps me from snacking before lunch and gives me the energy I need to get through the busy mornings at work without feeling hungry.

- Stefanie S.
Tastes good and feels good!

My favorite was the Cranberry Apple that I topped off with just a little drizzle of organic honey. I found it filling and very satisfying, and it made me feel good that I was eating a healthy, good for me breakfast.

- Tina B.
Teechia and Teeccino gave me extra endurance in my bike ride

About my breakfast and my yesterday: I some teechia cranberry cinnamon (delicious) and cut my coffee with teeccino. I didn't think about it after that, but when I was riding my bike, I noticed I was able stay stronger than normal at the end of a long ride. And after I made the connection between the AWESOME breakfast and less caffeine- especially in this heat! These products ROCK!

- Erin