Teeccino has helped me fight off candida

All my life I've had medical issues, but a few years ago my health hit rock bottom. I had so many symptoms... Dizziness, fatigue, ripping pains, I developed seizures, & I had alot of trouble walking...I would take about 3 steps & just collapse to the floor. my doctors diagnosed me with so many different things (all which led to dead ends though) including adrenal insufficiency, hypothyroidism, cadioinhibitory syncope, hypotension, high bilirubin, PCOS, temporal lobe epilepsy, among other things. One of my doctors actually recommended drinking caffeinated coffee to help with my blood pressure & walking...It made my seizures worse over time, but did help me to walk a bit better...After about a year of going to different specialists, they actually found the real reason I was getting so sick. As it turned out, I had parasites in my brain! I also had systemic candida which was weakening my immune system (probably from when I was put on antibiotics for a few months for an infection a few years prior). And guess what LOVES the acidity of coffee? Parasites & yeast! & by drinking coffee, I was actually making the parasites thrive by drinking it, especially since caffeine can cross that blood brain barrier; consuming it was taking the coffee right up to my brain so they could thrive! I switched my coffee to Teeccino cold turkey, among some other dietary changes, & 1 year later my seizures went down from about 14 seizures a day to about 1 per week! I can also fully walk again with no problems. I also love Teeccino since the ingredients help rebuild my intestinal flora, so I can fight off candida & other microbes better. I am currently studying to become a Nutritionist, & when I do, I'll be sure to recommend Teeccino! Thank you!

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