Teeccino helps me with my indigestion

Hi, my name is Linda Evens. I love coffee! But I was taking Omeprazole every day due to indigestion. I quit drinking coffee about a month ago and now I no longer take Omeprazole. I miss my coffee!!! Several months ago I went to a health fair and was given a packet of your herbal coffee, I put it in the cabinet and forgot about it. My husband is also trying to decrease his coffee consumption as he is on prescription Omeprazole. He found the Teeccino French Roast sample and brewed it yesterday. WE LOVE IT!!!! I was just diagnosed with Stage III Melanomia 2 days ago so I am also wondering about your supplements? Thank you for developing an herbal coffee that tastes better than coffee!!! I have tried other herbal coffee that ended in the trash.

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