Thank you for such a wonderful product

My husband introduced me to Teeccino about a year ago. He was doing a cleanse and tried to quit drinking coffee along the way. I loved the taste and the benefits of the fake coffee as I call it. It took me a while but I managed to give up coffee myself. It was hard at first as my friends drink coffee on a daily basis. Half a year ago my very good friend was diagnosed with a heart condition and was advised to stop drinking coffee. When she was worried about how she will survive a day without coffee when she has two little ones running around the house, I had the answer for her. I introduced her to Teeccino. She loved it. Now we continue to have our regular coffee get together while our kids play. All three of us, including my husband, are coffee free and enjoying teecino on a daily basis. I have introduced few of my other friends to teecino and everyone loves it. My favourite flavours are Chocolate, Dark Roast and Vanilla Nut.

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