The closest I can get to coffee without hurting my stomach

I've had stomach issues off and on for the past 19 years (I am 39 now). I started drinking coffee when I was 17 and my love for coffee grew and grew, however, at some point I discovered coffee might be at the root of some of my stomach troubles. After eliminating all other sources of upset, I worked on coffee. I tried switching to just herbal tea, but I never felt satisfied. I wanted something more like coffee. I finally found Teeccino online one day and ordered some samplers. I was in love! I either order it online or get it at my local health food store. My favorite is the Vanilla Nut. It took a little getting use to the difference in flavor, but I feel like I am having my coffee! And the best thing is, I can drink as much as I like throughout the day without jitters or worrying about being up all night!

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