If there is one thing you’ve heard me say time and again in my newsletters, it is that stable blood sugar is key to optimal health. I was browsing books at Costco – both our Border’s and Barnes & Noble stores shut down here in Santa Barbara! – when my attention was caught by the title, The Blood Sugar Solution. Not thinking I had much to learn about my favorite subject, I bought Dr. Mark Hyman’s book anyway to see what his advice would be.

Wow! I was so excited to discover this doctor and his thorough knowledge about the effects of the standard American diet, laden with sugar and caffeine, on blood sugar. Dr. Hyman shares cutting edge science that really helps motivate you to get started and follow his program.

Fighting The Diabesity Epidemic

I am also so impressed with his willingness to take on our dysfunctional health care system. He is an activist who testified before Congress about what is needed to turn our American health trajectory away from today’s “diabesity” epidemic – sad to say, they didn’t listen!

But you can listen because he’s made it so easy for you. Dr. Hyman has developed quizzes to help you target your areas of weakness. He details seven steps to treat diabesity and gives you a six week action plan with meals, recipes and even shopping lists to get you on the path to balanced blood sugar and improved health.

Join Dr. Hyman's Online Community Dedicated to Optimal Health

Dr. Hyman’s website and newsletters are impressively well designed to support you every step of the way.  He recommends supplements, foods, beverages – in fact, the only think he missed was Teeccino! (We sent him some to correct that oversight.) He believes that joining a community will help you stick to your goals and his online community is designed to provide that kind of support.

If you follow Teeccino on Facebook, you may have seen Dr. Hyman’s article on The Huffington Post as to why coffee isn’t a health food. He has become the public voice for the reasons why it’s healthier to be caffeine free. Here are some links to articles on his website that I recommend:

The “UltraWellness” quiz to discover if you have diabesity:

Dr. Hyman on coffee and health:
Let me know how you fare if you follow the action plan in The Blood Sugar Solution!

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