Ever since discovering that Teeccino has 1g of soluble fiber in a cup, I’ve been researching the great health effects attributed to consuming soluble fiber. With a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol that increases with age, I’ve been watching my cholesterol rise each year despite my daily cups of Teeccino. Last year, it crept up to 225 and although my doctor was raising his eyebrows, my “good” HDL cholesterol was still in a high ratio to the LDL “bad” cholesterol. “No statin drugs for me, but what to do if it keeps going up?” I pondered.

This year, my test results amazed even me. For the first time since my 30’s, I was under 200 – well under in fact – at 185 total cholesterol. What had made the difference? I was eating or exercising just the same except for one thing: I had been eating TeeChia pretty much daily for breakfast during the last year. TeeChia is packed full of soluble fiber from chia, flax, quinoa, amaranth and rolled oats.

Wow! The studies showing soluble fiber could lower cholesterol were really true. So I decided to test it on my 88 year old mother who’d been on statin drugs for over 15 year….read more to find out if soluble fiber can beat statin drugs!

My mother’s doctor is hardcore about taking statin drugs. I’ve been sending her articles about how statin drugs aren’t advised for seniors who have already been taking statins for years. Many studies show that once you’re over 85, high cholesterol has a good association with longevity and healthy memory. Statins on the other hand, can cause many side effects including muscle pain that reveals low CoQ10, which is dangerous. Seniors have many aches and pains and thus can go undiagnosed with symptoms brought on by statin drugs.

I finally convince my mother to stand up to her doctor and take a break from statins. At first, her cholesterol rose and her doctor threatened to put her back on statins. That’s when I got my mother to start eating TeeChia daily. On her last visit to her doctor, my mother asked for her results. The doctor checked the lab report and there was a long silence. My mother pressed for the answer. Well, the doctor admitted, my mother’s cholesterol had gone down – significantly!

I’ve got a theory going about TeeChia. Its soluble fiber is particularly thick and viscous due to the unique fiber released when you soak ground chia and flax seeds. Combined with quinoa,amaranth and oats, which are all high in soluble fiber too, TeeChia’s fiber is like a broom that sweeps through our intestinal tract. Cholesterol is one of the things it sweeps out along the way!

So let’s test my theory; If you have moderately high cholesterol and aren’t yet on statin drugs, let’s see if enjoying a health breakfast can bring down your cholesterol too. Do you have a recent test showing your cholesterol level? Start eating TeeChia daily and plan to retest in 6 months. Let’s see if your cholesterol levels respond like my mother’s and mine have. I just started my sister on TeeChia. Her cholesterol is 225, just like mine was. In another 6 months, she’ll get a test and we’ll see what happens to hers.

Are you with me?

Then, test yourself again and send us your new cholesterol level. Our bodies are our best laboratories so let’s see if we can produce optimal health without the use of drugs!

Learn more from this article on soluble fiber and heart health:

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  1. Having enjoyed Teeccino largely as a substitute for coffee, I was nevertheless glad to know it had soluble fiber in it, until I realized that it was the inulin I was consuming that was causing my awful bloating and gas.
    I really, really love Teeccino. I understand the inulin comes from the chicory and that some people have that reaction to it. I'm wondering whether digestive enzymes or a product like beano might make it possible for me to drink Teeccino again?
    Has anyone else every reported a similar problem?/

    1. Hi Ingrid,
      Thanks for your feedback! We're sorry to hear that you are having this problem from the Inulin in Teeccino. Occasionally, a new Teeccino drinker may experience excess gas. The excess gas is most likely caused by unfavorable resistant bacteria in the gut. Inulin, from the chicory root in Teeccino, is a prebiotic. Prebiotics are known to feed the "good" digestive bacteria like lactobacillus and bifidus flora, but occasionally there may be some unfavorable, resistant bacteria that can cause gas. We have found that the excess gas some people have experienced goes away once probiotics with lactobacillus and bifidus bacteria are added to the diet.
      Drinking Teeccino (a prebiotic) along with taking a probiotic, over a two week period, should help rebalance your colon with the right mix of healthy bacteria that it needs for optimal digestive health. From then on, Teeccino will continue to support a healthy population of beneficial bacteria that is necessary for good health.
      Email us at info@teeccino.com or call us at 800-498-3434 if you have any additional questions or feedback.


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