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Rewilding restores natural ecosystems

No matter how big or small an area, rewilding allows nature to recreate the natural habitat of a bioregion that once thrived and provided life for all.

Rewilding saves animals and plants from extinction

By supporting or reintroducing keystone species - those essential species that are critical to the health of a habitat - rewilding brings back the balance and interdependent relationships that make ecosystems thrive.

Rewilding draws down carbon from the atmosphere

Successful rewilding programs dramatically increase the amount of carbon stored in soil, vegetation, forests, oceans and marine layers faster and more economically than any other means of carbon sequestration.

Rewilding brings hope for the future of human life on planet earth

Successful stories of rewilding bring hope to our hearts and minds. By cooperating with nature and giving its natural ecology the chance to recover, we humans will shift our planet’s trajectory from destruction and species extinction to revitalizing all life, including our own.

Help Teeccino rewild the Maya Biosphere Reserve!

Teeccino is funding a multi-year rewilding campaign with villages inside The Maya Biosphere Reserve to grow, plant, and care for ramón tree seedlings until they reach maturity.

The ramón tree is a keystone species as part of the rainforest’s upper canopy that protects the ecosystem beneath it. Ramón seeds provide income and food for the families in the reserve.

Ramon seeds have twice the amount of calcium as corn, quinoa, and oats. They are high in fiber and potassium. Studies show that antioxidants in ramon seeds are at a level comparable to walnuts, which have the highest level of antioxidants of any tree nuts.

The protein in ramon seeds is high in tryptophan, the amino acid that helps calm stress, anxiety and depression. Ramon seeds do not contain tree allergens so they can be enjoyed by everyone.

Shop Teeccino's Maya Collection made with ramon seeds. You too can join us in rewilding the Maya Biosphere Reserve!

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