• Attention all coffee & tea lovers who love to brew: If you're planning a detox cleanse or just want to be certified gluten free, this sampler is for you. Taste all 9 of Teeccino's Dandelion blends in trial size packets of our all-purpose-grind, which can be brewed in any kind of coffee maker or steeped in a tea pot with a filter.
  • If you want the blend that tastes most like coffee, start out with Dandelion Dark Roast with deep coffee notes from roasted ramón seeds. Want a more tea-like flavor? Enjoy Dandelion Turmeric with its sweet licorice finish or Dandelion Red Chai with red rooibos and spices to stimulate your senses. When you need something refreshing on a hot day, ice a glass of Dandelion Passionfruit Peach featuring luscious passionfruit and juicy peach notes with rooibos. For an after dinner treat that will help with digestion, savor a cup of Dandelion Mocha Mint with cooling peppermint and rich cocoa powder. Sip Dandelion Caramel Nut or Dandelion Coconut when you're in the mood to finish your meal with a delicious dessert drink that's low in sugar. Last but hardly least, enjoy gluten-free versions of two of Teeccino's best-selling Mediterranean blends, Mocha and Vanilla Nut, enriched with golden roasted almonds, dates and figs. 
  • So many wonderful flavors to enjoy with the super herb, dandelion root, activating your liver, gallbladder, and kidneys for optimal function!
  • Naturally caffeine free - no processing or chemical residues
  • Acid free - helps restore alkaline balance
  • Natural energy boost - from nutrients not stimulants
  • Antioxidants from carob, dandelion root, ramón seeds, dates, figs, almonds, cocoa, peppermint, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and other spices
  • Contains heart-healthy potassium and soluble fiber
  • Prebiotic - inulin from chicory root feeds your probiotics, the beneficial microflora that improve gut health, regularity and supports your immune system. Inulin extracts naturally into your cup from chicory roots during brewing.
  • Brewed Teeccino has no detectable gluten at less than 5 parts per million when prepared with a paper filter or tea bag. This has been verified by independent laboratory tests.

The Dandelion Sampler holds 8 Trial-Size Packets each of which brews 6 x 5 oz cups in a drip coffee maker or makes 3 x 10 oz mugs in a French press. Flavors include: 

  • Dandelion Dark Roast
  • Dandelion Vanilla Nut
  • Dandelion Mocha
  • Dandelion Caramel Nut
  • Dandelion Coconut
  • Dandelion Mocha Mint
  • Dandelion Red Chai
  • Dandelion Turmeric
  • Dandelion Passionfruit Peach
  • Drip Coffee Maker: Use 1 rounded Tbsp per 2 cups of water.
  • Filter Cone: Use 1 rounded Tbsp per 10 oz water.
  • French Press: Add 1-2 Tbsp to ‘3-cup’, 3-4 Tbsp to ‘8-cup’ pots. Steep for 3 minutes.
  • Espresso Machine: Use the double porta-filter and 102 rounded Tbsp. Brew according to machine instructions.
  • Iced Teeccino: Chill brewed Teeccino. Or make a strong brew using 2 Tbsp per 2 cups water and pour the hot brew over ice.
  • Adjust brewing strength and drink black or add creamer, milk, non-dairy milk and/or sweetener according to personal preference.
  • Adjust brewing strength to your own personal preference. If a brew tastes too strong, simply dilute it by adding hot water, milk or nondairy milk.
  • Brewed Teeccino can be reheated because its flavor doesn’t go stale like coffee does. Store brewed Teeccino in the refrigerator for up to a week.
  • Enjoy Teeccino iced too!