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Frother Friend - Electric Milk Frother

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Frother friend? More like BFF. Unlike your local barista, the Frother Friend will never spell your name wrong and always get your order right. Plus, your cuppa will always be frothed to perfection, because that’s what (frother) friends are for.

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VROOM VROOM | This baby has 19,000 RPM. Mother frother, that’s a super motor.

STAINLESS STEEL BODY | Because we like our drinks pure, hold the rust please.

BATTERY OPERATED | Pop in 3 triple AAA’s and you’re ready to froth (batteries not included).

  1. Dip the Frother Friend’s whisk edge into your hot milk at an angle and push the big button on top.
  2. Froth for about 15-20 seconds or until you’re happy with your better-than-a-barista creation.
  3. Pour milk into your brewed Teeccino and top with velvety foam.
  4. To wash, simply detach the whisk portion to clean with warm soapy water.

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