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Teeccino Gold Pour Over
Drip Cone

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Brew a single fresh cup of Teeccino quickly using the Gold Pour-Over Filter that fits on any 10-12 oz cup. Easy to clean. Perfect for travel, office, or a quick cup on the go.

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  • The base fits on the top of all different mug sizes
  • Made out of stainless steel.
  • Gold plated with titanium for health and protection
  • Rubber handle and base rim to make holding the hot brewer safe.
  • Place filter on a 10-12 ounce (300-350 ml) cup.
  • Add 1 heaping tablespoon (10g) of Teeccino Herbal Coffee to the filter.
  • Heat water to a boil and let stand a moment until bubbles disappear.
  • Pour just enough water over the Teeccino grounds to wet them which allows the grounds to expand or “bloom”.
  • Slowly pour the rest of the water in a spiral motion over the grounds until the brewer is full. Let the water drip into the cup.
  • Top with more water to fill the cup if necessary.
Cleaning Instructions:
  1. Clean immediately after use by disposing of the grounds and rinsing out the filter thoroughly. (Teeccino grounds can be added to home compost piles or disposed of in green waste).
  2. Apply dishwashing soap (preferably fragrance free) and scrub the filter inside and out with it.
  3. Once a week, for a deeper cleaning, soak in a mixture of water and baking soda or water and vinegar. Soaking in OxyClean® diluted in water is also recommended for deep cleaning.
  4. Once a week, the filter can be washed in a dishwasher.

The Teeccino Gold Pour-Over Filter Brewer is being touted by coffee barristas who love this original method of freshly brewing coffee using pour-over filters. You'll find them in top coffee bars where coffee is still lovingly made cup by cup. Now you can enjoy the same fresh flavor of Teeccino using this attractive gold filter in your home. The Gold Pour-Over Brewer is a huge improvement over the old-style plastic cones that use paper filters which waste trees and absorb some of the delicious Teeccino flavor that should be in your cup.

By the way, there is a flavor difference in brewed Teeccino if you use a French Press versus a Gold Pour-Over Filter. Teeccino steeped in a French Press will have more of the bitters in the brew whereas drip brewing through a filter emphasizes the sweet notes in Teeccino. Both are perfect ways to brew depending on what your palate prefers!

These filters are small enough to travel with you easily to your office or to some exotic location where you want to be sure you can still enjoy a cup of Teeccino.

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