Teeccino's Maya flavors feature roasted ramón seed with its deep coffee and chocolate flavor notes that bring delight to coffee purists. The Maya flavors are the most coffee-like of all of Teeccino's flavors. They have the bitterness that dark roast coffee drinkers desire without that hint of sweetness that Teeccino's Mediterranean flavors provide. They are also certified USDA organic. Ramón seeds are wild harvested in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala. This harvest helps protect the largest standing forest in Central America from illegal logging and brings income opportunities to rural families and their communities living in the middle of the Reserve.

Enjoy several lush chocolate flavors including a fruity Chocolate Raspberry (delicious iced too), an energizing Maca Chocolaté, a spicy Maya Chai, a creamy French Vanilla, and the most coffee-like flavor of them all, French Roast!

  • Naturally caffeine free - no processing or chemical residues
  • Acid free - helps restore alkaline balance
  • Natural energy boost - from nutrients not stimulants
  • Antioxidants from carob, ramón seeds, dandelion, dates, figs, almonds and cocoa powder depending on flavor
  • Contains heart-healthy potassium and soluble fiber
  • Prebiotic - inulin from chicory and dandelion roots feed your probiotics, the beneficial microflora that improve digestive health, regularity and supports your immune system. Inulin extracts naturally into your cup from chicory roots during brewing.
  • Brewed Teeccino has no detectable gluten at less than 5 parts per million when prepared with a paper filter or tea bag. This has been verified by independent laboratory tests.
  • 1 x Teeccino Gold Pour-Over Filter Brewer
  • 1 x 11 oz bag of Teeccino French Roast Chicory Herbal Coffee
  • 1 x 11oz bag of Teeccino Mocha Chicory Herbal Coffee
  • Place filter on a 10-12 ounce (300-350 ml) cup.
  • Add 1 heaping tablespoon (10g) of Teeccino Herbal Coffee to the filter.
  • Heat water to a boil and let stand a moment until bubbles disappear.
  • Pour just enough water over the Teeccino grounds to wet them which allows the grounds to expand or “bloom”.
  • Slowly pour the rest of the water in a spiral motion over the grounds until the brewer is full. Let the water drip into the cup.
  • Top with more water to fill the cup if necessary.

Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Clean immediately after use by disposing of the grounds and rinsing out the filter thoroughly. (Teeccino grounds can be added to home compost piles or disposed of in green waste).
  2. Apply dishwashing soap (preferably fragrance free) and scrub the filter inside and out with it.
  3. Once a week, for a deeper cleaning, soak in a mixture of water and baking soda or water and vinegar. Soaking in OxyClean® diluted in water is also recommended for deep cleaning.
  4. Once a week, the filter can be washed in a dishwasher.