Sometimes I just don’t feel like brewing and cleaning up afterwards. I found the perfect solution! 

Want a super easy way to brew a mug of Teeccino with only boiling water? No mess or fuss with coffee makers, paper filters or even French press pots! This mug comes with a stainless-steel infuser that holds just the right amount of Teeccino’s all-purpose grind.

We selected our 'Teeccino Teal' color for this lovely mug. Hope you love it too! 


Simply add a rounded tablespoon of Teeccino to the infuser resting in the cup. Pour boiling water over the grounds, cover with the porcelain lid and let sit for 3 minutes. Remove the infuser which conveniently can rest on the lid so no liquid escapes. Your Teeccino is ready to enjoy! 

  • Removable stainless steel infuser.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Comfortable, heat-resistant handle.
  • Perfect for Teeccino's ground herbal Coffee, loose leaf tea, herbal infusions, and more!