Turmeric – Taming the Flame

Turmeric – Taming the Flame

What turns everything bright yellow, is an essential spice in Indian dishes and is reputed by the ancients to heal everything you can think of? Yes, that would be turmeric, the spice that is turning up in a wide range of natural food products from supplements to chips!

I like to take a deep dive into the science below the hype to get to the truth about the health benefits one can realistically expect to get from an herb. Often studies in humans are hard to find because they’re both complex and expensive to perform. But with turmeric, there are thousands of years of traditional use as well as numerous recent animal and human studies that support its reputation as a ‘super herb’.

If you’re interested in knowing why I chose to create Teeccino Dandelion Turmeric for your enjoyment, read on about how turmeric can enhance your health.

The ancient ayurvedic heal-all

Our ancestors have been proven right again and again when it comes to the use of herbs for medicinal purposes as well as flavor enhancement. With over 46 names in Ayurvedic medicine, the system of herbal medicine developed over 5,000 years ago in India, turmeric was valued for its wide range of functions. It was used as a ceremonial herb, a culinary spice, a dye for clothing, a decoration for the skin, and of course, as a medicine to treat numerous health conditions.

Ayurvedic medicine divides the human body types into 3 doshas: vata, pitta, kapha. Both food and herbs are classified by their effect on each dosha. Unlike some herbs which are recommended for one dosha or the other, turmeric is used to balance all three doshas. I take that to mean that it was considered universally good for everyone!

Curcumin: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Turmeric contains curcumin, which is considered to be the bioactive constituent responsible for turmeric’s effects including its characteristic yellow color.

If you look in a cup of Teeccino Dandelion Turmeric, you’ll see the yellow color coming through the dark brown liquid on the sides of your cup. That lets you know that there’s plenty of turmeric in a cup of Teeccino. If you’re consuming a food or beverage that claims to have turmeric in it but you don’t see that yellow color, then there isn’t much in it!

Famed as an anti-inflammatory compound, curcumin inhibits the inflammatory response our bodies produce naturally but which can get out of control and injure our joints, tissues, and organs. As we age, our mitochondria become less efficient and they produce more free radicals which then increase pro-inflammatory conditions. Older healthy adults have higher levels of a number of inflammatory markers when compared to younger healthy adults. The older we get, the more we need to guard against inflammation through diet and lifestyle modification.

Elevated blood sugar levels, which frequently occur from our consumption of refined carbohydrates, also contribute to a simmering inflammatory state called para-inflammation. Fat cells, especially abdominal fat, produce pro-inflammatory molecules that contribute to chronic, low-grade inflammation. Low caloric diets have been shown to reduce inflammation and are associated with longevity, but most people find calorie-restricted diets are hard to stick to for long periods of time.

Stress, lack of sleep, toxins in our environment, and exposure to cigarette smoke all increase the body’s inflammatory response. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that they have low-grade inflammation because it can be silent for a long period of time before a disease state occurs.

Consuming herbs like turmeric that reduce inflammation is one of the best ways to protect against low-grade inflammation on a daily basis. In India, where turmeric is such an essential part of their cuisine, there is a lower incidence of a number of diseases that are associated with inflammation.

Extracting curcumin with boiling water

The problem with taking nutritional supplements of curcumin is that it isn’t very stable. Dr. Andy Weil, the well-known integrative MD and author, recommends that people consume turmeric instead of curcumin because the whole plant may be more effective. Although curcumin isn’t highly water soluble, hot water makes it more soluble and the longer you steep, the more curcumin is extracted into the hot water. Thus brewing a cup of turmeric tea with boiling water is an effective way of getting curcumin into your body to deliver its health benefits. Teeccino Dandelion Turmeric combines turmeric with the roots of dandelion, chicory, ginger and licorice to provide an array of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory action along with prebiotic inulin that feeds your probiotics. With plenty of stimulation to your digestion from ginger, dandelion and turmeric, made deliciously sweet without calories by licorice, a cup of Dandelion Turmeric Super Herb Tea makes the perfect finish to a meal. Just boil the water and let it steep 5-10 minutes to get the most goodness from turmeric!

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