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Health Improvements

No more bladder infections and acne from caffeine!

I used to drink just one cup of coffee in the morning because I loved the taste, it could be caffeinated or decaf for all I cared. Never thought too much of it, I didn't really need it to get me going. One cup wasn't so bad compared to a lot of people, so I thought it was ok. Well, not to get too personal here but I used to have to visit the doctor frequently for reoccurring bladder infections. But a few years ago I switched doctors and she suggested I stop drinking caffeine, to help reduce inflammation which she believed was the cause of the infections. She also said that the caffeine could have been the cause of the mild acne I was always fighting too. That day, I stopped drinking coffee, and even cut out all caffeinated teas. Since my caffeine hiatus, I have not had a single bladder infection and my acne has cleared up!!! Turned out that one small cup of coffee a day made a HUGE difference in my health. I am so grateful for finding Teeccino so I can still satisfy my taste for coffee, and know it's doing my body good.

- Erin S
Thanks for your wonderful product!

Hi! I discovered Teecino at my local health food store and I was pleasantly suprised at how much it tastes like coffee! After having major surgery, I was suffering from bladder irritation and regular coffee was making it much worse! I was so happy to find that the Teecino did not aggravate my symptoms and I was able to heal naturally. I also love the tea bags as I can have my coffee any time!

- Renee
Teeccino gives me an energy boost!

Ten years ago a fellow instructor introduced me to Teeccino as an alternative to coffee and its caffeine jitters. I fixed my Teeccino with creamer and sweetener - it tasted so good, I drank 5 cups within 8 hours of teaching day & night classes. After work, I went home and found I still had so much energy (from all the potassium?), I was able to wash by hand 3 sinkloads of dishes and then 5 machine loads of laundry. Then went to bed and quickly drifted off into to a sound sleep. Also, I like the taste of Teeccino better than coffee and have much better stomach and intestinal conditions too. THANK YOU for Teeccino!

- Angel
My vertigo has drastically reduced

I was a coffee drinker for over 40 years. Not too long ago, I was diagnosed with vertigo and tinnitus. I was told by my doctor to drink decaf coffee instead of regular and that would eliminate my problem. I was having a problem sleeping at night also. I went to a therapist for exercises to eliminate the vertigo. It helped for a while, but I was still suffering. Medication did not help either. I decided to do some reseaerch on caffeine free foods and beverages and found out that decaf coffee containes caffeine. During my search, Teeccino came up as an alternative to coffee. I tried your sampler first to determine which taste was suitable to me. After finding my favorite flavor, I went to the store in my area which is Whole Foods Market and purchased Java and Hazelnut. I must say that since making the change, my vertigo has drastically reduced and I am now able to get a good night's sleep. Teeccino has been a lifesaver for me.

- Marlene M.
Keep up the good work.

I suffer from diverticulitis and I recently discovered teecino in my local health shop. I find that it has a lovely calming effect on my system and it tastes just great as well plus the fact that it has an alkalising benefit too is a special bonus for people like me with this condition.

- Gerry M
Better sleep, no more reflux and lower blood pressure!

One of my daughters introduced me to teeccino last year when I was visiting her and I thought it tasted good but being a coffee drinker for many years I wasn't really interested. Several months ago I was diagnosed with esophageal reflux and gastritis so I had to stop drinking coffee. I decided to try teeccino again as I was supposed to avoid tea as well. Now I much prefer teeccino over coffee and tea and I really don't miss the caffeine. My blood pressure has been lower and I sleep much better since I switched to teeccino. Amazingly enough I have even more energy than I got from the caffeine boost and no problems with my reflux. I have been singing it's praises to friends and family ever since. Thank you so much for this amazing product.

- Norma E.