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Teeccino's Delicious Flavor

Almond Teeccino with fresh almond milk is perfect!

Since I discovered Teeccino I don't even think about coffee. I love to make the Almond Teeccino and add my own fresh almond milk to it. It is a perfect start to my day and my plants love what gets left behind in my French press. Thanks Teeccino!

- Mary K.
Satisfying flavor

While living in the Northwest for many years, I had always savored rich, black specialty coffee. Then in Dec 2004, I was diagnosed with stage IV indolent lymphomna. With a desire to manage my illness naturally, I gave up all sweets, dairy, processed foods, meat, and my beloved COFFEE. After trying many unsatisfying coffee substitutes, I stumbled upon Teeccino about 4 years ago....one more try, I thought. It's been a staple in my cupboard ever since! The flavor is wonderful and satisfying. Thank you for a SUBPERB product.

- Paul M.
Hazelnut is my favorite

I love Teeccino! I was looking for an alternative to tea, and because I don't drink coffee, I decided to give Teeccino a try. My all-time favorite flavor is Hazelnut, although I really like Mocha and Chocolate Mint, too.

- Kathy J.
So tasty, I recommend it to everyone

When I first came across Teechino a few years back at a Green Festival in Washington, DC I was skeptical that it would taste good; maybe like dirt? Since it was free, I decided I had nothing to lose and took my first sip with the anticipation of it tasting like my garden soil and was surprised to find it tasted surprisingly tasty! I was very excited to have found a coffee replacement since I had quit a few years before and missed it terribly bad. Ever since then I have recommended Teechino with links everywhere I have been on the internet, on blogs, FaceBook and message boards, bringing in new customers and I am proud of it! I'm just so thrilled to have this awesome drink that is healthy to boot that I recommend it to anybody if they want to hear it or not!

- Brenda B.
I love the Vanilla Nut and Hazlenut flavors

I don't drink any beverages containing caffeine because of the negative reaction I get from them. I found Teeccino, by accident, while browsing on the internet and decided to give it a try. That was over a year ago. Now, I always make sure I have some on hand. I love the Vanilla Nut and Hazlenut flavors. Teeccino gives me the satisfaction of drinking something that tastes and smells like coffee without the bad effects. I know the ingredients have to be good because my toy poodle loves it too. When it's cool enough for her to drink, I can't keep her away from it. I recommend Teeccino to everyone who doesn't like caffeine or who are trying to break the caffeine habit. Thank you for making such a great product.

- Sharron
So many wonderful flavors

I've been drinking at least a cup of coffee a day since I was seven years old. As a molecular biology major in college, I found myself drinking upwards of seven cups of coffee each day and entirely losing my circadian rhythm. After experiencing three caffeine related panic attacks, I realized I had a problem. Fortunately, this led me to find Teeccino! After perusing the web for positive reviews, I found the Teeccino sampler. The variety of flavors are absolutely wonderful! Having always been a fan of thick, pungent coffees, Teeccino's robust and rich flavors like Maya Chocolate and Java Herbal Coffee were instant favorites. The Chocolate Mint flavor was like nothing I'd ever had before! It tasted more like a dessert than a breakfast beverage. I love Teeccino, and their website, being a big fan of herbal teas, as well. Thanks!

- Rachel