Natural Flavors

Natural Flavors

Teeccino selects the purest, highest quality natural flavors that are made from flavoring constituents extracted from fruits, spices, and herbs. For instance, vanilla extract is made from infusing vanilla beans into alcohol and water. Peppermint comes from the leaf’s essential oil which is extracted using steam. Citrus flavor is produced with the essential oil from various types of citrus fruit. Chocolate flavors are created from cocoa powder.

With so much misinformation about natural flavors rampant on the internet and promoted by people who have very little knowledge of how natural flavors are produced but benefit from being sensational, we at Teeccino hope to reassure our customers about the quality of our natural flavors.

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    Once you realize how complex a plant’s chemistry is, you understand that the compounds that produce their flavor can be attributed to various phytochemicals that the plant naturally produces. These flavor components can be extracted from the plant to create natural flavors that mimic the flavor of the whole plant.

    For instance, it is possible to produce coffee flavor without the caffeine or acidity found in coffee beans by extracting flavor components of coffee from a number of plants including roasted chicory root, herbs, seeds and roots.

    However, coffee-flavored ice cream, yogurt, etc., maycontain an actual coffee concentrate made from the whole coffee bean and that means that those products still contain caffeine. Of course,Teeccino does not use any coffee concentrates and our natural coffee flavor is completely caffeine free.