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Earth Day 2021: Will We Ever Have Safe Biodegradable Plastics?

April 30, 2021
Ever since the Chinese stopped taking the world’s plastic recycling in 2018, the reality of how much pollution plastics are contributing to the environment has become inescapable.

Drawing Down Carbon in Rainforests

February 12, 2021
The dream that inspired me to create Teeccino came while I was working on rainforest preservation projects in Central America in the mid 90’s. In fact, the first Teeccino blend I ever made used vanilla harvested by a community of smallholder families in Mexico who were learning to ‘cure’ vanilla beans just like their ancestors had discovered hundreds of years before. My goal at the time was to give economic value to the standing forests that were rapidly being cut down for timber even though it was illegal.

The wonder of herbal teas

January 30, 2021
It’s January, the coldest month of the year here in North America and many of us are warming up by sipping hot beverages. No wonder January is National Tea Month!