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Quitting Coffee with Teeccino

Slowly Falling in LOVE!

It has been a difficult transition to end my romance with coffee yet I finally tried French Roast and although I do enjoy the other flavors this is by far the closest to coffee that I have tasted. It is actually smoother and doesn't have the acidic bite that my stomach better tolerates! So there you have it! It was a slow start, however, they say the longer lasting relationships are the ones where you become friends at first!!!

- Anonymous
I couldn't be happier

My experience with Teeccino began as a result of participating in a body cleanse and realizing I would need to wean off of coffee for the 10-day experiment. I was very concerned as I have been a two cup a day coffee drinker and lover for most of my life. I discovered this alternative and much to my surprise have continued enjoying it long after the cleanse had finished. Not only that but I have turned my parents on to all of the flavors as well since they enjoy coffee late at night and caffeine affects their sleep. They enjoy it with cream and sugar but I enjoy it with just hot water. So, this became a family favorite because of a cleanse only intended for me and for a brief period of time. We are now hooked to our nightly ritual. Thank you.

- Anonymous

I drank coffee from morning until night for many years. Seeking better health, I decided to cut down. I tried every coffee substitute I could find, then I discovered Teeccino, and this is it! It gives me a bright, focused feeling, without the jitters. Nothing else compares. It looks like and has the body of coffee. And it tastes great!

- Anonymous
I love sharing

Every time I buy more Teeccino at a Whole Foods store I feel like the good fairy ambassador for freedom! I buy a box or 3 (always leave at least one box for someone searching) then I take it to the coffee bar and ask for a cup of hot water - I tell the barista my story of discovering this coffee substitute and rip open the top and give them one to try. They are ignited every time. I continue to share it with the check out line cashiers and everywhere I go. So far in El Segundo in Santa Monica (they recently quit carrying it but as knowledge grows it will change). That's the key freedom from any drink that's not good for you. As a Southerner, I drank Dr Pepper then Coca Cola with sugar. I became a juice plus member to help one of my kids with food issues. My First healthy fast, someone shared this product and I've been part of the freedom from caffeine since that day. Sharing cups of tea is so fun. Teeccino chocolate is my favorite .

- Anonymous
Teeccino by accident, limiting caffeine now

A co-worker of my wife was just giving away stuff from their kitchen and in it was a bag of Teeccino. Figured I would give it a try. Very surprised in a good way.
1. A lot of flavor as I noticed I didn't have to put as much creamer in.
2. Less reliance on caffeine which made my kids happy as I didn't have to ask "permission" to have coffee
3. My wife who loves coffee but can't handle any caffeine (even decaf causes issues) could now enjoy coffee.
I loved it so much that for Christmas Santa gave me 5 more bags of Teeccino so I should be good until the "Easter Bunny" comes

- Anonymous
Happily surprised

Having tried other "coffee substitutes", I didn't expect much...but was happily surprised. Purchased a variety of flavors with the idea that I would probably like the hazelnut. Turns out I LOVE the French Roast. Closest thing to coffee I have ever tasted. I'll qualify that by saying I love coffee but don't like Starbuck's (too strong and bitter for me) and usually drank 3-4 cups a day of 1/2 reg and 1/2 decaf. The reason for quitting coffee is health - without a lengthy explanation of my structural problems, after a few weeks of drinking coffee my neck would ache. I've tested this countless times over the years and coffee is the culprit. Bottom line - I'm a Teeccino drinker and don't feel deprived of coffee at all. Totally satisfies my coffee craving and I feel so much better. (I detoxed from coffee during my xmas cold/flu...)

- Anonymous