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Teeccino & Heart Health

Great taste without the side effects

Coffee had started making my heart miss beats plus it was giving me diarrhea both of which I can do without. The Teeccino gives me the enjoyable coffee taste I miss without the evil side affects.

- Thomas D.
I was diagnosed with AFib

I was diagnosed with AFib and told I could have NO caffine, not even decaf. I was so addicted to coffee, I was beside myself. I mixed a brew of 3 different coffees to get a wonderful blend, which I would drink all day. I have been called a coffee snob, because I couldn't drink anyone else's. When my nurse friend introduced me to Teeccino, I was astounded, I loved it right away. My husband can not believe how quickly I got off caffine and started my healthy new life. Thank you for such an excellent product, I tell all my friends and have tried all the varities and love them all!!!!

- Millie H.
Coffee made my heart race

I am a cancer survivor who received very intense chemo which caused heart damage and irregular beats. Coffee was taking out of my daily morning routine because it would make my heart race. So I discovered Terccino. My favorite flavor is the Dandelion Coconut tea and coffee. I am so happy I can drink coffee again. Thank you

- Carmela
Teeccino taste great

I love coffee but it does not like me! I love the smell and taste. The affects of coffee on my health and heart have not been good. I began searching for an alternative. I came across Teeccino at a heath food store. I was skeptical but decided to try it. I love the taste! I don't have the side effects of caffeine. I would recommend anyone to give it a try.

- Anonymous
Teeccino doesn't cause my heart to race

I am 'normally' a coffee drinker. I LOVE COFFEE !!! But, unfortunately I was diagnosed with A-FIB (a heartbeat malfunction) and have to be VERY careful with types of foods and drinks I consume. Have you ever thought that you were gonna just 'die' if you couldn't have your cuppa-joe? I DID!!! A friend introduced me to Teeccino and I will NOT go back.. EVER! It not only is GOOD for me it does not cause my heart to race like regular coffee does. I WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER buy anything but Teeccino !!!! I LOVE YOU!!

- Zeruiah B.
I'm living caffeine free!

I recently came across the Teeccino site while searching for an alternative to coffee. Caffeine makes my heart beat rapidly and even sent me to the emergency room once believing i was having a heart attack! I simply love the taste of coffee and I didn't really think this product could possibly be comparable. I am thrilled to find it most definately is-and better! I purchased a sampler and love them all! The best part is i get wonderful flavor without with 1/2 the junk i normally need to put in my cup!

- Tammy G.