Teeccino Buzz

One year ago this month, Teeccino Ambassadors attended the very first online Ambassador Webinar, and started sharing Teeccino samples at their community events of all sizes!  We were amazed at the variety of events we received requests for – from small groups like book clubs and office lunches…large health fairs and church socials…even vegan meetups […]

Gia became an official Teeccino Ambassador earlier this summer by taking our online Ambassador Webinar, and she has already requested Teeccino samples for two different events!  Gia’s first gathering was a party at her home for about 25 guests – and she reported back shortly after: “This was a ladies gathering to discuss different ways to […]

For the past several years, Teeccino has donated samples for AMMA‘s North American Tour. AMMA and its global network of charitable organizations, Embracing the World®, is active in over 40 countries, working to assist those in poverty to meet all of their basic needs — “food, shelter, education, healthcare and livelihood.” We are always happy to do whatever […]

Lauren, a physical therapist in Northern California, recently became a Teeccino Ambassador and we are so glad she did!  She watched our Webinar online and has gotten off to an amazing start!  Her first event was her office lunch break, and Lauren reported back: “Everyone loved it! This was my first event and I held […]

Stefanie requested her Teeccino samples a few weeks before her event, an Independence Day party at her home for about 35 guests, and she reported after the get-together: “I hosted a holiday 4th of July party and it was the perfect time to share samples of Teeccino. I invited families, couples, and good friends and […]

When Roberta came on board as a Teeccino Ambassador, we were just delighted – she is a health-conscious vegan who has been drinking Teeccino for years…and for her very first event, she offered to sample and serve Teeccino at the big two-day festival, VegFest Colorado! Roberta told us: “VegFest” is a health and environment fair […]

Nancy is a health coach and a Teeccino Ambassador! We are so happy she joined the program. Her first event was for a wonderful cause, her table display was lovely, the turnout and funds raised – were far above expectations! Nancy told us, reporting back – “The first Relay for Life in Mission Valley (a […]

Tia’s Ambassador event, a weekend mountain retreat for about 50 people, was a lovely time for all! She shared Teeccino with her fellow retreat-goers, who learned they could enjoy ‘coffee’ all day long! Tia said: “The event was a nice weekend event away in the mountains in North Carolina for healing sessions. At night we […]

Growing and enjoying fresh produce is what Grace’s group is all about, but just add a cup of freshly-brewed Teeccino herbal coffee…and suddenly it’s a glorious garden affair!  At her Ambassador event, Grace shared samples with her fellow community gardeners. She told us about their green get-together: “Our community garden holds a monthly workday/potluck each first […]

Kathleen’s first Ambassador event was at the CoreCon sci-fi convention, where her vegan/vegetarian meetup group FMVeg had been chosen to host a fansuite – serving vegan food (including Teeccino, of course) to the attendees! With ‘Trek Cafe & Lounge‘ as their theme, Kathleen enjoyed sharing Teeccino samples with the sci-fi fans, and as it turned out, was an overall […]