Category: Coffee & Migraines

Sarah Northwood

For years I have been tempted to drink coffee again even though it is not good for me and I have terrible withdrawal headaches when I try to give it up. With Teeccino as an option I never feel deprived. It is so delicious! Look out coffee- There's a new kid on the block!

Thank you for creating Teeccino. I had to quit coffee due to caffeine acting as the #1 trigger for my migraines. I really missed the taste of coffee (and cocoa!). I drink Teeccino now every day (sometimes twice a day) and it makes a GREAT iced drink too.


As the mother of three beautiful children‚ I lived on Coffee‚ morning‚ noon & night. I was having migraines‚ I was moody. I found Teeccino at my local grocery store and I was baffled. The different flavors are just wonderful‚ the taste is rich and creamy. I found that the headaches went away‚ I had more energy‚ I wasn't feeling grouchy as I was before with coffee. It's really a better and healthier alternative to kicking off the caffeine habit. Thank you Teccino.

A Fantastic Find!!

I have multiple allergies, one of which is caffeine; and I also have celiac disease. Finding such a delicious product that tastes like coffee without the side effects of migraines or stomach issues is FANTASTIC! I can’t have chocolate either and I was concerned when I saw the mocha mint UNTIL I read the ingredients and saw Carob!! I love Carob and make wonderful brownies with it. I really enjoy having a nice cup of “coffee” now with now worries! Thank you SO MUCH for this product! You must promise never to go out of business!!!!


I had been eating a plant based diet for years...lately due to stress began to slip back to coffee and lots of baked goods...my migraines returned and I had not been feeling well! Got back to a more strict vegan diet and added Teeccino in and gave up coffee and ALL caffeine! I FEEL GREAT! And the flavors of Teeccino make it like a dessert!

Jamie Collins

I have always liked the flavor of coffee‚ but after realizing that caffeine was one of my headache triggers I knew I needed to find an alternative to coffee (even an alternative to decaf). I also wanted an alternative that wasn't as acidic as coffee. I can't remember how I heard about Teeccino‚ maybe it was on television‚ but I'm so happy I found Teeccino! I love the individual packets‚ they are very convenient‚ and my favorite flavors are chocolate and hazelnut. I will definitely be a lifelong Teeccino drinker!

Stefanie Schmidt

I have never been a huge fan of coffee‚ but when I got to college I started liking it for the flavor and the comfort it gave me when I woke up in the morning. I drank coffee to socialize with friends and have something warm on cold nights‚ but I always hated how coffee made me feel: the headaches‚ the jitters and high caffeine levels. About a year ago I discovered Teeccino and I haven't had coffee since‚ because Teeccino is so good. I love the delicious flavor and that it doesn't give me caffeine shakes or headaches and I can drink it in the morning‚ in the afternoon and even at night. I love the different flavors that Teeccino offers and every cupful is warm and comforting. I no longer get the caffeine headaches and effects‚ but I still get the great flavor. I'm so glad I discovered Teeccino‚ and I never will drink coffee again!

Lisa DeLong

Hello All !! I suffer from a disease many suffer with me..WE NEED A HOT DRINK !! Whether it's in the mornings or on a cold day or we just love the feeling of it in our throats. However‚ on a more serious note‚ I cannot have caffeine. I have amazingly terrible migraines that get much worse with even a whiff of caffeine. I have tried MANY hot drinks with absolutely no success. Then the heavens smiled upon me when I stumbled upon Teeccino!! Doubly so when it was made available to me locally..THAT VERY DAY. It craves all my hot drink needs and absolutely NO side effects that I got from other 'decaf' products. My 3 beautiful children ask me for hot STUFF every morning along with me. I adore that I can brew it and not just heat water to add messy 'crystals' hoping they will dissolve. It is absolutely wonderful with powdered creamer especially. I just placed an order for a sample pack to try more flavors. Enjoy your day all !! Sincerely‚ Yay for HOT STUFF !!

Natasha Ammons

I love this drink. I was truly addicted to coffee 3 16oz a day. I thought I would never get off that stuff nothing would compare. But in September 2013 I turned over to Hazelnut Teeccino Herbal Coffee. I was for certain I would have cravings‚ low energy and migraines. But nothing! Now my energy is great: no cravings and most importantly I haven't had a migraine triggered from lack of the caffeine. I love this stuff and tell everyone about it. It's just hard to find only one store in a 50 mile radius has it by me. But I don't mind the travel for feeling great. True fan of this product!

Terri Gast

I have loved coffee since I was 15 years old. Unfortunately‚ I was a heavy coffee drinker and sometimes I would drink two pots a day. I love the taste and smell‚ and the fact that it has no calories. Unfortunately‚ in my late 20s I started having problems with caffeine. It would be years later until I learned that I have migraines‚ which are all triggered by foods. The greatest culprit is caffeine. I figured out over time that caffeine was a trigger‚ but thought I had developed an allergic reaction to caffeine. Systematically‚ over time‚ I have had to give up many foods that I love--green tea ice cream‚ green tea‚ black tea‚ coffee‚ chocolate‚ hot cocoa. It didn't happen all at once. I have only had to give up chocolate in the past year. It now gives me a headache within an hour of eating it. I discovered Barley tea at an Asian grocery store and tried it. I was thrilled that it had a coffee-like taste. However‚ that gave me headaches too. Not a full blown migraine‚ but a painful headache. I also gave up Barley tea. In the past few months‚ after drinking numerous herbal teas for years‚ and finding them all uninspiring‚ out of desperation I started surfing the internet for non-caffeine coffee substitutes and found Teecino. I ordered the Dandelion-based Teecino coffees and am very pleased. I can drink it without headaches. I ordered a Pumpkin Barley-based sampler‚ but I am afraid to try it since I have had problems with Barley before. I'm waiting to try it during a time that will not interfere with my life. My headaches last for three days once they are triggered. I'm hoping that Teecino will develop more flavors in their Dandelion-based section. I sort of drool over all the varieties on the Barley-based side. But‚ if you have ever suffered from migraines or severe headaches‚ no food is worth the pain. I am just so happy to have found Teecino and their Dandelion-based coffee substitutes. I have only used Teecino with a French Press coffee maker. The coffee aroma doesn't waft through the house with a French press. I'm wondering if I use a drip coffee maker if I will also get to enjoy the smell in my kitchen and home. I miss that brewing coffee smell also. Thank you Teecino for this great product. I hope the Dandelion-based products are selling well so that more flavors will be developed in the future.

Beth Pearson

When I was a kid and a young adult‚ I didn't like coffee and never thought I would. I even worked at cafes when I didn't like coffee. Then out of nowhere‚ someone introduced me to coffee and I LOVED it! From that point on‚ I drank coffee. Eventually‚ coffee was an every day must have for me. Sometimes‚ coffee was a must have 3 times a day at least. I was so hooked on coffee I practically dreamed about it. I had so many migraines when I skipped coffee for a day or so. I remember saying to my husband‚ I just need to be hooked up to an IV that sends coffee into my blood stream. I thought I needed to stay off coffee to keep me from having migraines. After a while‚ I started having even more migraines and having inflamed joints and muscles while I was drinking my coffee. My chiropractor and others strongly recommended I cut caffeine out of my diet. I dreaded going off of caffeine due to the side effects and not getting to have coffee because I love the taste of it. I started tapering down on the caffeine. My chiropractor said I was teasing myself with the tapering down and I just needed to go cold turkey off of caffeine. I heard about herbal coffee. I found Teeccino at a local EarthFare Market. I brewed me a pot of Teeccino and LOVED it. Teeccino tastes delicious. It tastes just like coffee but has so many more health benefits than coffee. I don't miss my coffee at all now that I am drinking Teeccino! No more migraines either. Teeccino made the cutting caffeine transition so easy!

Anastasia Yecke

Dear Caroline‚ I know you probably won't remember me‚ but I met you at Expo East in Boston in 2008 when I was working for Kopali Organics. I was intrigued by the concept of herbal coffee and enjoyed the sample you gave me but didn't give it much thought after the Expo. Fast-forward 5 years: I am now dating a wonderful man who felt he was addicted to caffeine. If he didn't have his coffee by 10am‚ he would get a terrible migraine. He hated the idea of being addicted to anything‚ and that's when I remembered about your product. I went to Whole Foods and brought a bag of Teeccino home. I followed the instructions carefully‚ slowly increasing the amount of Teeccino while decreasing the amount of caffeine each day. After about 5 weeks‚ he was drinking 100% Teeccino‚ and feeling great! He asked me not to tell him when the switch was complete until a few more weeks had gone by; he didn't quite believe it was possible for him to be 100% caffeine-free with no migraines (I never doubted it was possible). He now knows and we both LOVE Teeccino. Our favorite flavors are Hazelnut and Vanilla Nut. The best part is‚ if we are having a dessert that will go well with coffee‚ we can have it right before bedtime. We drink it a LOT... ...and an unexpected side effect for me has been that I now cannot STAND what regular coffee does to me. It never used to bother me before‚ but now even just half a cup leaves me jittery and with an annoying‚ buzzing headache. So now‚ if I'm at Starbucks or somewhere without Teeccino‚ I order a decaf. Which is GREAT because caffeine is so unhealthy for you! Anyway‚ I was just writing to say THANK YOU! I'd been meaning to write this for several months (we made the switch back in April) but finally got around to it. Thank you for making such a great-tasting‚ all-natural‚ healthy product! Cheers‚ Anastasia www.healing-hands.us

George C

I just started drinking Teeccino because caffeine was giving me migraines. I have tried 3 flavors thus far and love them all. I make them in my Keurig with a reusable K-Cup. I do wish that Keurig would make them in disposable K-Cups and I encourage everybody that reads this to send an email to the Keurig company asking them to start packaging Teeccino into K-Cups!

Steven Kaufhold

Teeccino is the answer for me. I'm off caffeine and no longer deal with the withdrawal headaches. AND the full flavor of Teeccino is great!