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I am a teacher that needs to be revved up and ready to go for my 7:30 am class. I have not known how to survive without my strong cup of morning coffee. The past few years‚ my doctor has urged me to cut back on my caffeine do to stress and anxiety (comes with the job!)‚ but have been resistant. One day while visiting a local health food store‚ I came upon a testing display for Teeccino. I honestly could not believe tasty it was as a coffee alternative and had to ask a few times‚ Are you sure that there are not coffee beans snuck in there? I walked out with 3 bags in different flavors. I am now in month 4 of being caffeine free and truly do feel better! I am surprised with how I do not feel the lack of effects from caffeine especially those unwanted jitters and anxiety associated. Maybe it is the wonderfully warm and inviting taste that wakes up my senses‚ instead! Another perk of this product is that it still tastes greater re-heated after a long day of work when we're in need of a mental pick-me-up. It's much better tasting than re-heated coffee. My husband is even now sold on your product (an even greater feat than me to give up his cuppa!)‚ and we buy in bulk. Please don't ever stop making this fabulous product as I am not sure how we could go back!

Great alternative for those with anxiety

I've struggled on and off with anxiety since childhood, and over time I realized I had to give up coffee or suffer with the constant panic attacks that caffeine would cause. I switched to decaf for a while, but missed all the flavor options and energy boosts regular coffee could give me. When I found out about Teeccino, having been trying to find alternatives that actually benefited my health and didn't have the acidity of coffee, I was hesitant; the idea of "healthy coffee" sounded far-fetched. I received a few bags of different flavors as a gift and decided to give them a try. I was amazed; they actually tasted like coffee! Not only that, but I felt more awake and my mood was uplifted for hours afterwards.I now stand by this brand as an amazing alternative to coffee for anyone who can't tolerate caffeine.

For a long time, I struggled with anxiety to the point of having panic attacks at my job and being sent home for being unable do the bare minimum at times. I eventually figured out that cutting out caffeine at least stopped me from having panic attacks frequently and was able to help me control my stress level to a point where I could work without having to go home. I was starting to really miss the taste of coffee and never thought I would be able to have that distinct flavor again until I found Teeccino. I bought all of the samples in one sitting so I could try everything. I fell in love with all of the flavors and it brought me back to something that tasted like coffee again without all of the negative effects of the caffeine. I've been a loyal customer from that point forward.

Evie Saloman

Finally‚ a drink I can enjoy as much as coffee! As an engineer in a high tech company‚ I am surrounded by caffeine addicts. So I have a natural tendency to want to partake. But with skyrocketing stress levels‚ my body kept telling me no more. Even decaf wouldn't agree with me. Drinking Teeccino Dandelion Dark Roast with milk and honey makes for a guiltless treat that I can enjoy anytime of the day. It is as satisfying as a cup of coffee‚ and has healing herbs to reduce stress‚ ease frustration and put a smile on my face.

I get to enjoy a hot cup of delicious in the morning without the jitters.

I have always loved the ritual of having a hot cup of coffee in the morning to start my day. Unfortunately, due to anxiety, I had to give up caffeine to keep me from feeling on edge all of the time. I had heard that teeccino tasted just like coffee without the caffeine so I was eager to try it to get my routine back in the morning. I was blown away by how delicious, and better tasting than coffee, teeccino was. I'm so grateful that I get to enjoy something I always looked forward to in the morning without being a jittery mess all day.

Healing From Anxiety

I’m 27 and I’ve struggled with Generalized Anxiety since I was in middle school. After realizing the negative effects caffeine has on my anxiety, I made the painful but very necessary descision to cut caffeine out of my diet for good a year ago. Ever since, I’ve been healing a lot but I still miss the rich and robust taste of a good cup of coffee. A couple months ago, on a whim, I decided to try Teeccino Hazelnut flavored Roasted Tea. Oh my gosh! Where have you been all my life!? Now I can enjoy the taste of coffee that I’ve missed and not have to worry about it being a stimulant.


I just wanted to extend my gratitude for the helpful information on kicking coffee I found on your website. I especially enjoyed the recommended herbal supplements to assist with brain fog‚ adrenal stress‚ detoxifying the liver. I really needed the direction! With a library of herbal references in my home‚ I could not see my way through the pages clearly‚ as I am in the first few days of withdrawal‚ after the longest run of consistent coffee use. I enjoyed reading your background‚ and truly appreciate what you've shared and created. Thank you!


Dear Team Teeccino- I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for getting me caffeine FREE! I was drinking up to two pots of coffee a day. I was constantly stuggling with the anxiety the caffeine was giving me‚ yet was stuck in the cycle of thinking I was needing it to get me thru my long days. WOW - was I TOTALLY WRONG!! I am taking a course to become a certified health counselor‚ and during one of the assignments I made mention that I needed to cut the caffeine out of my diet. Someone suggested Teeccino‚ and I went out and bought some that very day. It took me 2 weeks to wean myself - and I am very greatful to have been ENLIGHTENED to your product! I have since made a dozen or so trips to my local health food store as I have decided to give everyone on my Christmas list a bag of Teeccino! NOW I am proud to say that I am addicted to my Hazelnut TEECCINO! Thanks again!! Hugs! Carole : )

I Love Teeccino

I have been drinking Teeccino for many years since I found it at the Natural Foods Expo about 14 years ago. I am a caregiver for 23 years and a clinical nutritionist. Teeccino has helped me limit my caffeine intake and plenty of flavors. My favorite is Almond Amaretto mixed with Yerba Mate and a little coffee in the French press.


I love all the teas but the Stress & Anxiety tea really relaxes me on a tough day.